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Benefits and Entitlements

Social Welfare Benefits


Domiciliary Care Allowance 
Domiciliary Care Allowance (DCA) is a monthly payment made to the carer of a child under 16 with a severe disability and who lives in the home. Children whose families receive DCA are also entitled to a medical card. To find out more about DCA see

Carers Allowance

The Carers Allowance is a means tested weekly payment to a person who is looking after a person or child who needs full time care due to age, disability or illness.  For more information on Carers Allowance see

Carers Benefit

Carers benefit is a payment made to an insured person who has recently left the workplace to care for a child or person who needs full time care due to age, disability or illness. Carers beneft is paid for a total of two years for each person being cared for, and their job is held open during this time. For more information on Carers Benefit see

Disability Allowance

Disability Allowance is a means tested weekly allowance paid to individuals with a disability aged 16 or over. For more information on Disability Allowance see

Tax Credits/Tax Relief

Incapacitated Child Tax Credit

If you have a child who is permanently incapacitated and unable to support themselves you may be eligible for this tax credit

Health Expenses Tax Relief

You can claim the standard rate of tax relief (20%) on the cost of health expenses as long as you have paid for them.

Home Carer tax credit

You can claim the Home Carer Tax Credit if you are married or in a civil partnership (and jointly assessed for income tax) and you care for one or more dependent persons.

VAT refunds on aids & appliances used by people with disabilities.

You may get a refund of VAT on certain ads and appliances used by people with disabilities to help with daily activities. Examples of aids include equipment such as hoists, braille books, lifting seats and AAC & communication aids. If you are having your home adapted to ensure accessibility you may be able to claim a refund of VAT paid on the cost of installation and adaptation work.

Energy Upgrades

Funding is available to improve the energy efficiency and warmth of households. This scheme is available to families who receive Domicillary Care Allowance and who own their own home. More information is available here


Transport & Mobility

There are a range of tax reliefs to help individuals buy or use a specially adapted vehicle for drivers and passengers with a disability. For more information see here

HSE Schemes

Long Term Illness Schemes

This scheme provides medication and medical appliances for the treatment of some conditions. For more information see here

Medical card for those in receipt of Domiciliary Care Allowance

A medical card allows you to get medication and doctors’ appointments for your child. There automatic entitlement for a medical card without a means test if you already claim domiciliary care allowance.

Carers GP visit card

If you get Carers Benefit or Carers Allowance you can access this card and visit your GP for free.

Social Welfare Benefits
Tax Relief
HSE Schemes
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