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Disability (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2023

The Disability (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2023 is proposed by Senator Tom Clonan. This bill if passed into legislation will significantly change the lives of disabled citizens in Ireland, in that it will provide a legal entitlement to supports and services. This legal right will change the lives not only of our children - it will affect all citizens of Ireland, as most of us will have a disability at some point in our lifetime.

"Disability Rights are Human Rights"

This legal right to appropriate services and supports for those with a disability is already present in other EU countries, the US and even just across the border in Northern Ireland (UK).

After some delay, this bill will be discussed and voted upon in the Seanad on the morning of the 8th May 2024.

To read the bill and view its co-signatories, please see

SNPN Donegal are fully behind Senator Clonan and this bill.

We would ask our elected representatives to stand up for the disabled citizens in Donegal and support by voting in favour of this bill when it is presented to them.



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