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Home Tuition... what is it??

Home tuition supports children who are unable to attend school for reasons such as chronic illness or who have special educational needs and cannot find a suitable education placement. Home Tuition is also available to children WITH a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder who have not been able to secure an early intervention/specialised preschool placement. Children between 2.5yrs-3 yrs can access 10hrs of 1:1 home tuition per week from a teacher/tutor ( must have a teaching council number). Children over 3 yrs can access 20 hours per week home tuition. If the child starts playschool and is over 3yrs you can apply for the difference in hours eg. home tuition 20hrs minus playschool ecce 15hrs, child will receive 5hrs home tuition. Home tuition discontinues when a child enters primary education. 

How to access Home Tuition 

Parents contact SENO Special Educational Needs Coordinator NCSE for their area if child has an ASD diagnosis or if they meet the criteria above

  • Parents are responsible for sourcing teacher/tutor 

  • Department of Education pay the tutor directly once parent sign and send off claim forms

  • Every child's tuition is a tailored programme to match the child's needs (e.g. skill teaching, school readiness, behavioural skills) 



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