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The Bluestack Special Needs Foundation

Updated: Apr 11

In 2006 the Bluestack Special Needs Foundation was established to provide direct

supports to people with additional needs and direct supports to their families and


The Bluestack Special Needs Foundation has as its core aim to “Enhance the Lives

of People with Additional Needs”. Working with families who have dependants with

physical, sensory, intellectual, and mental health disabilities, regardless of whether

the disability results in profound, moderate or mild additional needs. More

importantly the foundation work with families pre diagnosis offering a needs based


They fundamentally offer practical advice, emotional support a range of programmes

such as:

  • The Saturday Club Each Saturday Donegal Town and Falcarragh

  • After School Service – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • Low Cost Counselling – On request

  • Teen Youth Club – Every Thursday

  • Bluestack Choir – Every Monday night

  • Parent Support Network – First Tuesday of every month

  • Jiving Classes and Get Fit – every Wednesday

  • Alternative Respite Solutions on behalf of TUSLA and HSE

  • Behaviour Therapy

  • Bluestack Shack Coffee Dock

  • Community Services Programme

  • Training and Progression Programme for young adults

  • Information Dissemination

  • Directory of Disability Services in Donegal

  • Summer Camp– Available during July and August

  • Play Therapy supports

  • Lobbying for Equality - ongoing

  • Full disabled toilet and shower facilities – Available during office hours or by appointment

One of the most important services we offer is the Listening Ear, a place where

people can go, have a cup of coffee, offload their concerns and just be heard. A

space where people are safe, are not judged, and are supported through the various

life challenges that present when living with, or caring for someone living with, a


The Bluestack Special Needs Foundation recognises that the supports we offer are

only a drop in the ocean relative to the supports so desperately needed by families.

But those supports have a ripple effect and they are working.

With continued support we can continue to influence the general discourse on

inclusion, empower people living with a disability to self-advocate and express their

needs and most importantly continue to be that beacon of hope offering relevant,

timely and practical responses to the expressed needs of our members.

For more information on the Bluestack Special Needs Foundation check out their

Facebook Page Bluestack Special Needs Foundation, our website, or call to their offices in Bluestack House, The Glebe,

Donegal Town, Co. Donegal.



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